I’m Georgia Papadakis, a painter of fairies, archetypes and dream imagery.

My mode of art is somewhere between the expressionistic and the fantastic. When I paint I work large and loose, with bold spiraling brushwork; these works are intuitive, meaning I put down some paint and follow where that takes me. When I draw it’s more technical; I start with half a plan. I can enjoy rigorous detail in the service of improbable subject matter, but I’m seldom called to straight-up realism.

So what you’ll see here is either wild, watery expressionism… or light-hearted yet carefully rendered fairy art.

Where am I now?

On April 1, 2014, I began a journey to find my home in the world. Yeah, that’s right—I set out on April Fool’s Day. If you’re aware of the stories behind the Tarot fortune-telling cards, you know that the first card in the deck, the Fool, represents setting out into the unknown with nothing but one’s instinct to keep one from walking off a cliff. So it is, and here I am at cliff’s edge.

If you want to know where my travels have taken me, check out the blog. As of November 11, 2014 I’m in St. Augustine, FL and hope to stay a while. Got any inside tips on this place? E-mail me at!

Want something no one else has? 

Commission me for a custom faery portrait, or adopt one of the faery foundlings from the shop. For the cost of a tank of gas (Prius/motorbike) or dinner out or a night in a really questionable motel room in the midwest, you could have something no one else has!

One of my faery paintings in three stages from start to finish:
(You can see more art progress pictures in my blog.)