The Offical Art Gallery and Shop of Georgia Papadakis

Hi! Welcome to the gallery website of Georgia Papadakis, where you can explore her all original artwork of archetype and abstract imagery, as well as enchanting and mystical creations including fairy, mermaid, angel, dragon, goddess, mythic, and other characters.

The Gallery contains a large collection of Georgia’s professional artwork including paintings, drawings, miniatures, and other items which can be purchased directly from this site. Items for sale are all original artworks (no prints) and can be shipped to nearly any location worldwide! Those interested in crafting tutorials, painting and drawing tips, and other useful advice and commentary will find lots of great information in The Blog – which also contains art updates and other news.

We hope that you find something here to enjoy or perhaps share with friends and family. Thank you for visiting!

I’m Georgia Papadakis, a painter of fairies, archetypes and dream imagery.

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